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Shenzhenshi Hong Tai Da Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Longgang District, South Bay Street on the 3rd Geranium Road
Tel: 86-0755-28491899 (foreground)
86-0755-28493898 (Business Chen)
Fax: 86-0755-28491699

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    As the company expanded production, urgent need to recruit the following positions:
    1 "Production elongated 2: work experience in the same position for more than one year;
    2 "general workers 30: 18-32 years old, with an electronic factory is preferred.
    3 "buyer one, male or female, related electronic plant procurement work for more than a year, proficiency in office software, procurement processes and ERP systems.
    4 "winding members: two boys, will be wound, there is the same position for more than six months.
    5 "business with a single: 1, English four, outstanding graduates can;
    6 "human resources director: 1, familiar with labor law and Shenzhen laws and regulations, human resources familiar six modules (proficient in at least three modules), with a safety officer certificate, have the same position for more than three years of work experience;
    7 "SMT elongated: one, parade, you will get the appearance of maintenance, with experience in the same position for more than six months;
      Tel: 0755-28491899-8000
      Contact E-mail:
      Contact: Miss Li / Ms. Liu